Ernestina Simmons, LCSW-C


Ernestina Simmons, LCSW-C is a results-driven, dynamic human services leader with 25+ years of diverse experience in child welfare, supportive housing programs, homeless services and clinical services. Mrs. Simmons is native New Yorker and graduate of Fordham University who had the privilege of serving in Child Welfare with Baltimore County & Baltimore City for the first 15 years of her career and spent the last 10 years in leadership roles in non-profit organizations in Baltimore City, MD. Over the past 10 years, she has enjoyed leading organizations through challenging seasons as well as seasons of opportunity and growth. She understands the commitment it takes to have an organization whose mission and vision is to enhance lives; however, we sometimes face unexpected challenges which impedes our ability to achieve our goals. Mrs. Simmons founded this group to become partners with community-based organizations who are committed to breaking the cycle of generational poverty, homelessness and hopelessness that has become a harrowing reality in many of our communities. She has a deep passion for every service our group is offering, having been on both ends of our human services community either as a youth receiving services or a professional providing the services.  She knows first-hand the opportunity each organization has to create meaningful impact in the lives of the people we serve.

Together, let’s work to ensure we are increasing accessibility, designing programs that are responsive to community needs while equipping organizations with the tools, knowledge, resources and capacity to create operationalized systems and standards of care that enables them to provide excellent care, services, program compliance and measurable impact.

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