Accreditation & Compliance

Our commitment is to support the growth, development and enhancement of community based organizations who seek accreditation or re-accreditation for Case Management, Behavioral Health and/or Child and Youth Services.

Application Preparation
Our team will work with your organization from the beginning to determine which accreditation organization aligns best with your programs and funders. CLCG services will begin with the request for accreditation and end after a successful accreditation decision is rendered.

Accreditation Renewal
With accreditation standards changing each year, CLCG can assist organizations with preparing for their renewal accreditation so that the survey is conducted without any issue.  This includes conducting a thorough self-assessment that includes reviewing existing Quality Improvement Plans and additional conformance standards that have been added or revised since the prior survey.

Seeking New Accreditation
Our team will work in partnership with your organizations to review core requirements of the federal, state and local laws and regulations that govern nonprofit, best practices in management as well the expectations of many public and private funders. Our accreditation process evaluates an organizations compliance with standards in a number of key areas such as  board governance, strategic planning, risk management, human resources, financial management and service delivery. Our team will work in collaboration with your organization to conduct a self assessment questionnaire to help identify which areas you organization currently meets accreditation standards , partially meets or do not meet accreditation standards. In collaboration your organization, we will revise and create new policies, procedures and practices to ensure an organization is providing quality care and excellent services while illustrating conformance to standards to achieve accreditation status.

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